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2013 Karaka Premier Sale
  2 Brown/GreyColtHigh Chaparral AFFIRMED LANE (USA) Lindsay Park RacingVictoria$100,000
  30 Bay ColtDarci Brahma BATTOCCHI Mr LK LaxonSingapore$80,000
  95 BayColtExceed and Excel DARCYBEE Mr NC Chan / Mr VW LaiHong Kong$210,000
  104 BayColtHigh Chaparral DEVIL’S LAIR James Bester BloodstockNew South Wales$270,000
  110 Bay/BrownColtPentire DIVISION Mr LK LaxonSingapore$130,000
  132 BayColtEncosta de Lago ETHEREAL Mr DC EllisTe Akau$425,000
  143 BayColtDarci Brahma FELENIC Mr LK LaxonSingapore$100,000
  192 BayColtPins JEANETTA COCHRANE Bruce Perry BloodstockMasterton$120,000
  205 BayColtKeeper KIRIN BELLE Withdrawn  
  218 BayColtO'Reilly LAFLEUR John Bell Bloodstock & RacingHamilton$170,000
  233 Bay/BrownColtDarci Brahma LUCKY BE LUCKY (USA) Lisa Latta Racing StablesPalmerston North$200,000
  235 BayColtZabeel LYCIA James Bester BloodstockNew South Wales$370,000
  237 Bay/BrownColtFlying Spur MADELEINE NOBLET Mr DC EllisTe Akau$220,000
  239 BayColtDarci Brahma MAGICAL MOMENT (GB) Mr GC BeemsterboerNetherlands$70,000
  277 Bay/GreyColtMastercraftsman OH SO PRECIOUS Mr PK HoMacau$40,000
  282 BayColtHigh Chaparral OUR ECHEZEAUX Mr DC EllisTe Akau$620,000
  286 BayColtStratum PAOLINO NZB as agentHong Kong$150,000
    317 BayColtKeeper ROMANEE ST. VIVANT Withdrawn  
  367 BrownColtBel Esprit STAR JASMINE Dr KC TanSingapore$250,000
  417 Bay/GreyColtMastercraftsman VELVET AND SATIN Mr DC EllisTe Akau$40,000
  441 BayColtCommands ZYGADENE LDM LtdQueensland$320,000